Modern educators know the importance of educating the whole child. By
teaching students their academic disciplines through the performing arts, you develop a class of students able to think not just quantitatively, but qualitatively.


All too often, music and arts programs are the first to be reduced or summarily eliminated from school budgets. As “teaching to the test” has sadly become more the status quo of education, it is the children of low socio-economic communities who suffer most when budgeting for that paradigm.


It is a disservice to our youth to deprive them of the inspiration, educational opportunity, and joy the gift of live music can bring. Rock Asylum’s mission is to bring that gift with a positive, educational message to students in schools where live music programs do not exist or have been cut.


At P.S. 119, the first school to receive a free Rock Asylum concert, dozens of students credited the experience with inspiring them to want to learn to play an instrument and/or write song lyrics of their own.


As we’ve seen firsthand, children are motivated to learn in different ways. Their individuality flourishes through creativity, and their creativity in turn engages the whole of the student, jump-starting their love of learning. Through the Rock Asylum Foundation, we intend to reach as many students as possible, especially those whose individuality has not been accounted for by too broad a system, incapable in scope of addressing the individual needs students with different learning styles. Our goal is to put the EDGE in education.


And this is what we do. A Rock Asylum performance is more than just a concert, it is an interactive experience between the musicians and the students. It encourages student participation through active listening, higher order questioning, and following verbal directions for activating imaginations through storytelling. This project is worth investing in as a parent, music fan, believer in music education, child advocate, educator, or anyone who envisions a future full of creative, inspired, well rounded adults.